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Erika Kristal Becker אריקה קריסטל בקר
My name is Erika Kristal Becker, and I’m the designer, maker and stylist behind Lust By Erika. Originally from Buenos Aires –Argentina, currently living in Raanana –Israel

Since I graduated from Goldsmithing & Jewelry Design school, I worked with several designers and artistic areas, both in the US and in Israel.

I am a designer, goldsmith, inline skating salsa dancer enthusiast… I Love traveling, hiking, I am a free spirited gal.. I LOVE living in different places, getting to know new people… their crafts & customs, sense of humor .. Their creativeness…

I do my best to be always smiling.

I draw inspiration from all that surrounds me…

I love making designs that are unique, timeless, innovative, feminine, and comfortable to wear and use, I enjoy using all sorts of media, and I search for High Quality Materials, capturing my attention and sparking my imagination..
I aim for my designs to make you feel beautiful, strong, feminine & sophisticated..

I am currently working on developing new hand bags and corset designs …
Though I do get to take on myself some sisyphic projects, I am a big believer in simplicity..

It is important to me to work in a pleasant, relaxed (& as green as possible) working environment. I love music. Anybody entering my studio will always catch me listening to music.

Photo by Alon Hadar. 


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